Revelations in Cosmetic Dental Health


In cosmetic dentistry, dental implants have been enjoying a remarkable success rate among many patients. Many practitioners apply the practice widely to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, and other oral conditions as required by the patient. While this procedure allows a large number of patients to regain their beautiful smile, there are situations that can challenge its success. Dental implant placement can be unsuccessful for a variety of reasons:

The health condition of the patient is likely to have an impact on the success of the placement of the implants. If the patient has a history of underlying health conditions, such as chronic diabetes or other systemic diseases, the implants may fail to survive. In addition, the practice requires the skill of a dental practitioner to evaluate the patient’s condition regarding any pre-existing periodontal diseases. The presence of such diseases can also hamper the success of dental implant placement.

It is therefore important that before a patient receives any implant, the dentist should examine the patient for any of the conditions mentioned above. It is better to diagnose such conditions as early as possible in order to provide appropriate solutions. These are some of the challenges facing the success of dental implants that any cosmetic dentist should not overlook.


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